054 – Evolution of PreSales – A conversation with John Care serockstars 13. April 2021

054 – Evolution of PreSales – A conversation with John Care

🎧🎙️ 054 – Evolution of PreSales – A conversation with John Care

The future belongs to those who learn from the past.

We are lucky that 1984 did not turn out as Orwell predicted. Nevertheless the year impacted Sales Engineering greatly. It was the year when John Care started his career in PreSales, which ultimately led him to write his book “Mastering Technical Sales”.

Since then, of course things have changed dramatically.
Loading tapes into the back of the car? Gone!
Connecting to HQ with a BAUD modem? Gone!

But it’s surprising how many things have however NOT changed. While we learn how B2B Software Sales looked like in the early days, there are still plenty of actionable take-aways on how to:

– Manage audiences attention
– Convince IT or business to secure budget
– Fulfill buyers (and employers) expectations in regards to PreSales
– Leverage the trusted advisor status with prospects

Join us on a journey across 40 years of PreSales with John Care that concludes with a look into the crystal ball: What will PreSales be like in 5 to 10 years? Are we going to be replaced by an AI, or will we still have a right to exist?

John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johncare/
Mastering Technical Sales: https://www.masteringtechnicalsales.com/

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