047 – Partner Management to accelerate B2B sales growth serockstars 19. Januar 2021

047 – Partner Management to accelerate B2B sales growth

🎧🎙️ Partner Management to accelerate B2B sales growth

They are the hidden gem of any sales organization.

Do they get all the attention they deserve? Probably not.
Are companies levering them to the maximum? Probably not.
Have YOU worked with them? Probably YES!

This episode is dedicated to the extension of our organization: Our partners.
Partners can be an important contributor to:

– Sales growth
– Project delivery
– Technical evangelism
– Creating new markets
– Customer satisfaction

As we want to learn from the best, we are very pleased to have Mark Schuster join us. Mark has gathered decades of experience in the realm of managing alliances effectively at all the heavy hitters of the tech space: Microsoft, VMWare, Dell, Salesforce and now UiPath.

In detail we discuss the following:

– Partners or Projects. Chicken or Egg. What comes first?
– How do we achieve a WIN-WIN scenario?
– What types of partners are there?
– Which ones do you need – and for what purpose?

Thank you, Mark for joining and sharing your valuable insights with us and our listeners.

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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