046 – Value Engineering: How to close more deals! serockstars 5. Januar 2021

046 – Value Engineering: How to close more deals!

🎧🎙️Value Engineering – How to close more deals!

Most agree: Leading with value in sales engagements is key to success.

The problem: It’s not something that comes naturally to everyone.

Starting out in sales, often we take a path riddled with obstacles. Initially, we feel insecure about pretty much everything: Talking to clients, following the right process, understanding our portfolio.

A typical trap we can fall into, is falling in love with our own tech and start bragging about it’s capabilities. It starts feeling safe, as we learn more and more about our own solution. But it’s counter productive! Mature sales organizations have realized this. To lead with value, they have implemented programs. It’s purpose: Close more and bigger deals faster.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, tune into our conversation with Ricarda Rieser, seasoned Value Advisor @ SAP. She shares her experiences and knowledge on how Value Engineering will bring more sales success to you, and even more importantly increased value to your stakeholders!

Ricarda on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricardarieser/

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