045 – Sales & PreSales: How to become a ROCKSTAR in both serockstars 22. Dezember 2020

045 – Sales & PreSales: How to become a ROCKSTAR in both

🎧🎙️ Sales & PreSales – How to become a ROCKSTAR doing both?

You know people working in Sales? Okay, so do we.
You know people working in PreSales? Okay, so do we.
You know people who switched between both? Well yeah, so do we.

Do you know people doing Sales and PreSales at the same time? Neither did we!

Part of our mission of the Sales Excellence Podcast is to break down barriers, especially between sales and presales. Let’s step away from “us vs them” towards a common “we”. So tune in and join our conversation with Max Lüpertz.

Max is Chief PreSales Enabler & Founder at PreSales Rockstars. He took us on his journey of moving into a hybrid setup, owning both roles. He shares with us, how each role can benefit and learn from each other. In detail we discuss the following:

Why (the heck!?) switch from PreSales to Sales?
Why are PreSales skills also useful for Account Executives?
Why should PreSales worry more about sales processes?
PLUS Max’s most favorite topic: Why is Buyer Enablement key?

Level Up and Let’s Rock.

Thanks a lot Max for being our guest and sharing your experiences and insights.

Want to reach out to Max?
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/max-luepertz/
PreSales Rockstars: http://presales.rocks/
Code Intelligence: https://www.code-intelligence.com/

👍 We wish you a lot of fun & inspiration while listening to our podcast.

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